Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wildrose May Try to Disrupt Budget Day!

Rumour has it that Guy Boutilier, the Independent MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, will announce his intention to sit with the Wildrose on Budget Day, February 9th, in an attempt to disrupt the Government media agenda.

Since my experience with the Leader of the Wildrose Danielle Smith is "it's all about me", it stands to reason she will try to steal the light form the Government on Budget Day as she has been out of the media too long for her liking.

The stream of mediocre announcements will continue until the people of Alberta get bored with the Wildrose being silent on issues and all about flash, or should I say their idea of flash.


  1. The people of Alberta will never get bored with the Reformers. Rural Alberta and the faith based voter will continue to make electoral decisions and gravitate towards candidates that espouse and promote the mix of religion and politics. The Reform flash is an accumulation of historical grievances with the Government Party. It is a window of opportunity for all the progressive parties and the question is what will be made of the opportunity. Each astute voter understands and is eminently aware of what a Reform candidate stands for, intolerance, narrow minded policy, moving backwards and living on the past.
    As a politico, we are fully aware of Danielle Smith, her past political conduct at the Calgary Public School board, her extreme commentary as a Global employee, her political affiliations, her allies and her support structure.
    Danielle Smith is a female Stephen Harper.