Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to Shoot Yourself in Both Feet

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside as an Alberta Liberal, we get this;


  1. Well Mr Lovett, I would not believe a PC attack ad as completely and totally valid.

    The fact is that individuals like Mr Swann, an environmentalist, need to be in the progressive tent.

    And so do you.

    So my suggestion is that we begin with a campaign confirming that we are proud to be

    Open and broad minded, tolerant of all viewpoints, generous and culturally oriented

    Progressive, moving forward not backward

    Favouring reform and protecting personal freedom.

  2. I need to exist in an environment politically current, where we actually say something that Albertans want to talk about.

    It is politically naive to suggest discussing the NEP in any way, shape or form by a Liberal advances a discussion with Albertans.

    I do not agree that this creates a "progressive tent".

    Finally, this may be construed as a PC attack ad, but the facts of the matter are; this is now in the public domain, to be used as required in any future campaigns to the detriment of any and all of the Liberal candidates.

    The balance of the personal criticism of me we can discuss over coffee.

  3. I do agree that NEP is poison in Alberta. The choice of those words was not astute.

    The attack ad confirms what Mr Morton stated- 'if the right is split it will benefit thoses on the left'.

    Mr Morton stated- "i agree with most the Wildrose's policies- they took most of it from my leadership campaign." [Sun,page33]

    There is the opportunity.

  4. Only if we learn to communicate with Albertans!

    I cannot say this enough!