Monday, January 4, 2010

The Sky is Falling in Alberta Politics

Two no-name PCs (Progressive Conservatives) bolt to the TCs (True Conservatives) and the media is agog.

It's the end of the political world as we know it!

Never in the history of Alberta has this ever happened and so what!

Rob Anderson and Heather Forsyth, both self described conservatives, social conservative, fiscal conservatives, who cares, conservatives non-the-less decide their time at the political trough provided by Alberta taxpayers is in jeopardy and something must be done. Obviously, they figure out that under Stelmach they cannot win their seats so off they go to what they determine will be a haven that will keep them in the feeding frenzy they are accustomed to.

The point is they leave the Conservatives to join the conservatives and the media world is in a frenzy.

Are provincial politics so moribund in Alberta that we come down to this; the only excitement is watching Conservatives become conservatives. As my daughter would say OMG!

Meanwhile, the Alberta Liberals as the Official Opposition (for the time being), sit blithely by saying little. I saw nothing on either their Caucus or their Party website. Do they not understand that they are culpable?

I suppose that's a rhetorical question!


  1. I think it is big news, but only because for so long nothing much has ever happened in Alberta politics. It's been so hard to imagine anyone turning away from the Tories.

    How do you see the Liberals as culpable? I do see their status as Off Opp vulnerable to be sure.

  2. By not acting in a fashion that actually brings pressure on the Tories they become part of the problem.

    They need to find the Centre, I've said this for months but I was ignored.

    I offered to help and again effectively ignored.

    They shoot messengers in the Alberta Liberal Party as well.

  3. To repeat, as the conservative political spectrum evolves into fragments and splinters the options for the regressive politico, the progressive parties do not react or respond. What I find disconcerting is that it was not anticipated in that they do not respond.
    Again imagine Notley, Taylor, Anglin, Taft et al. working together, to squeeze the right, take advantage of the fragmentation on the right and close the middle off to prevent the Alliance driving the wedge.
    Imagine a political world in Alberta without religion.

  4. You may say that I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one