Sunday, January 24, 2010

QR 770 Interview - Food For Thought

This interview took place Wednesday, January 21st.

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  1. The reality is that the LIBERAL Party does not want to gain power.

    You had some good insights.

    Party identity is what a media political strategist does, and the Liberals do not want one of those because it may mean having a real political agenda.

    You need a direction and you need input from the population. The Liberals refuse to do both those things. They communicate only with a very small group of people, and the communication is basically incestuous. No newness.

    I do wish that I could motivate you to do something that matters though.

    Take care my friend!

  2. So? Does anyone deny that issues like those listed by Dr. Swann need national coordination, especially in our era of global competition? If Swann had been able to make a full presentation, instead of a brief comment hectored by the moderator, I bet he would have acknowledged the issues he mentioned involve both federal and provincial aspects, needing coordinated efforts, probably through federal-provincial conferences hopefully led by intelligent premiers.
    The fact is that even the federal soulmates of the provincial Conservatives are trying to do this - see their efforts to establish a national securities regulator, in spite of provincial powers in this area.
    Liberals who are worried about how the public will react to this kind of unfair attack should take a deep breath and not over-react. The Tories will self-destruct without much help.

  3. In your expert opinion, why did Dave Taylor lose the leadership?

  4. Swann received more votes.

    Any other reason is futile discussion at this point. Furthermore, I refuse to blame people who vote. However, in recent conversation with previous Swann supporters I would suggest they feel they made a very large mistake not voting for Taylor.

    The Swann supporters believed they could change the world to the perfect world vision they hold, the reality; most Albertans do not hold that position.

    Albertans are concerned about job, children and personal security.

  5. Phil, you have lived in Alberta long enough to realize the breadth of hatred of the NEP. What possible conclusion do you think voters will make if they believe Swann is promoting another NEP?

    I am willing to give Swann the benefit of the doubt if what he meant to say was this;

    "It is time for Alberta to lead a national discussion on energy matters and it is time for the likes of Charest in Quebec and McGuinty in Ontario to stop shooting at Alberta."

    Do you think this is what he meant to say?

  6. Tedde,

    Don't give up, you may motivate me elsewhere sooner than you think if 'the Gang that can't shoot straight' continuous down this path.

  7. Come over to 'Renew', Donn. Or have you already?

  8. More info required, coffee anyone??