Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Pork in Alberta


Just arrived back in Calgary from the Sultanate of Oman. I was out of Canada since September 5th and during my travels visited Indonesia and Kazakhstan, all for business. However, all are Muslim countries so I was craving a little pork when I arrived in Calgary.

Thanks to the current political environment in Alberta it did not take much time to overdose on pork.

We had the appointment of Gary Mar to the position of Alberta Trade Commissioner to Asia. One can argue this move from a political perspective;
1. Mar was qualified and had experience given his stint as the Alberta Envoy in Washington. A position he handled with reasonable success.
2. Gary's family is of course of Asian decent and one can argue this adds to the ability to understand the clients.
3. With Mar is this position it makes it damn difficult to criticize the new leadership.

Wow, that pork tasted good.

Now for the pork overdose!

Sources tell me that the next appointment will be Rick Orman to replace Gary Mar in Washington as the Alberta US Envoy.

Let's see them explain this pork to the people of Alberta. Alison supposedly represents change, a departure from "the old boys network".

How will they explain the appointment of Orman to this post;
1. Finished a distant 5th in the PC Leadership, just ahead of "ole what's his name".
2. Mediocre MLA for the Tories, 1986-1993.
3. Mediocre Energy Minister, 1989-1993, I believe we were in a recession in Alberta at the time.
4. Mediocre businessman, 1993-present.
5. Sorry, forgot the most important issue, a good looking man.

All the necessary pre-requisites to becoming the recipient of a large pork barrel position in Washington.

"Go Alison"

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  1. Donn, are you straying to sell water meters to the Muslims?

    You were a poor salesman back when I knew you, and thick witted when it came to politics. Nice to see it is still the same.

    -- King Neptune