Sunday, October 2, 2011

Democracy Speaks in Alberta

Like a number of political observers I was pleasantly surprised by the election of Alison Redford as the new Leader of the PCs in Alberta and now the Premier of our Province.

A moderate, a woman, a person who repeatedly attacked her own Party's performance or dare I say lack of performance?

The future of Alberta looks bright from Oman.

A woman leader is just what we need at this stage in our development.


  1. That was a surprise result.

    She deserves congratulations!

    I still think that Alberta needs a change of ruling party though, but it will be up to the voters of Alberta.

  2. When democracy speaks sometimes we don't like what she says, in this case a good decision, time will tell what democracy will say after the next election. I like Alison's chances.

  3. Sorry for delay, was in Kazakhstan.