Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Dust Begins to Settle on Alberta Politics

Time has passed, the sky has not fallen, and we have a woman Premier.

Coming from a family with a strong matriarchal head, a strong wife and four brilliant daughters, I for one applaud the decision made by the PC Party.

After all, Newfoundland saw the light as did British Columbia. I believe woman leaders will understand the needs of the citizens from the social side of the political equation and if Alison is true to form; she will balance the fiscal side as well.

Of course, there will be detractors questioning every decision including the lame left but unless they can show constructive alternatives no one will give them much attention.

No the path forward is for Alison to decide, she will make or break her future not the opposition or the media. She needs to handle tough decisions with precision such as the Gary Mar appointment. See the link;

This scribe believes Mar was a good appointment, politically coloured but the right credentials. These will be the decisions that she needs to stay tough with, prove that the right decision can be made and defended.

I am looking forward to the future under Alison's leadership. Time will tell if I am to optimistic.


  1. Read while in Taiwan. I missed the appointmnet of Mar as was in Transit on the 14th. Asia has established itself already in Canada without Mar. Not sure that the appointmnet has a lot more to do now. Seems like this position for Mar is more title vs. action needed.

  2. Welcome to Alberta politics and the Conservative house, I will explain later in a blog being formulated.

  3. Keep your friends close, and your enimies closer.