Friday, March 5, 2010

Who is the Next Mayor of Calgary?

We will begin to speculate on the outcome of the Mayor's race over the next few blogs.

To begin with I need you to tell me who you believe will run for Mayor.

Please provide a name and a rationale for why that person should be or will be Mayor.

We will then start the process of gambling on the outcome of the election for the new Mayor of Calgary.

Please send as many persons as you wish.


  1. Can we send candidates we DON'T want to see? I have a long list :)

  2. Joe Conelly and John Mar come to mind for my own personal list of people I don't want to see.

  3. Michael,

    OK, judging from you and valerie2008, we need to create a 'no go' list, keep the names coming.

  4. 1. None of the aldermen currently sitting; an Independent please.
    2. Especially Ric McGivor. I vote for him as Alderman but wouldn’t for a Mayor. Referred to as “Dr. No”, I (like Bronco, incidentally) think we need an independent “Yes” person.
    3. Alnoor Kassam is talking about another pitch but he has a lot of “baggage” (unanswered, alleged corruption charges in Kenya) and my spidey-senses don’t approve.
    4. Al Doer Didn’t (what an epitaph). We need someone who will bring us forward and has the same depth of passion shown by the last Mayor.
    5. Snow clearing will be an issue. I was in Edmonton at Christmas and they had the same icy streets. This is Alberta. Snow tires should be mandatory. It's a Provincial issue.
    6. There are many successful philanthropists in Calgary. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of them would step forward? Bret Wilson comes to mind and certainly he has the charisma to woo the voters and the strength of presence to rein in the aldermen.

    Valerie Martel

  5. Valerie,

    Interesting thought on Mr. Wilson.

  6. Ric McIver's people (former Stephen Harper Organizers) are appealing for $100K so Ric can make the run. He still hasn't made up his mind. If he loses, he's unemployed. I don't even think I'll vote for him as Alderman now.

    There's a "Draft Naheed Nenshi for Mayor" page on Facebook. Naheed is young enough, brilliant enough, and seems non-partisan. If he gets the social networking sites behind him, he might just pull out the youth vote and mount a real challenge.

    This could be a very interesting election.


  7. valerie2008,

    Best thing to happen is McIvor doesn't run. We don't need more neo-conservatives in positions of power.

    With respect to Naheed Nenshi, the naive organization they put in place for the last municipal election, 'the Better Calgary Campaign' was counter-productive and destructive to our community.

    From this he got a platform he did not deserve. Showing how infantile the media response is to so-called pundits.

  8. I think that progressives better start organizing pretty soon and not allow McIvor to get a head start, If McIvor's in I don't want to be a citizen of Calgary any longer.

  9. Anonymous,

    We can separate and form our own city, couldn't do any worse than this Council.