Friday, March 19, 2010

The Polls Have CLosed

When we asked the voter this question;

Do you want to see these people run for the Mayor of Calgary?

Your response was;

Gary Bobrovitz
Yes 25%
No 54%
Don't Care 17%
Don't Know This Person 4%

Darryl Raymaker
Yes 35%
No 43%
Don't Care 11%
Don't Know This Person 11%

Dave Taylor
Yes 50%
No 39%
Don't Care 0%
Don't Know This Person 11%


Of the 3 Gary Bobrovitz had the least number of persons reporting 'Don't Know This Person'. Dave Taylor had a 0% response to the issue of 'Don't 'Care'. All had good name recognition. Dave Taylor polled the highest positive numbers for support.

Finally, Bobrovitz did not garner more votes than the other 2 and therefore is deemed to have lost the wager on the supply of booze to the Blogger.

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