Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Informal Poll Results for Mayor of Calgary

When asked the following question, you responded;

Do you want to see these people run for the Mayor of Calgary?

Brett Wilson
Yes 28%
No 72%

John Mar
Yes 14%
No 86%

Joe Connelly
Yes 14%
No 72%
Don’t Care 14%

Small sample size.
The margin of error for this size sample is directly proportional to
the intersection of Venus and Saturn in the fall of the year.


  1. Naheed has a good column on the airport tunnel in today's Herald. His position could lock up the N.E. vote in the race. Plus, there are so many businesses on NE Barlow Trail that built precisely there because of the stated expansion; I think they would be in favour of supporting his run. (He also notes that he won't be contributing to the Editorial Page. Perhaps he'll be busy?)

    Ric McIver is still waiting, a la Oral Roberts, before he receives funds or is "called home".

    The whole civic election is somewhat flat lined. I suspect it will revive around Stampede time.

    I originally suggested a person "like" Brett Wilson because of his very successful business experience and his philanthropy. Frankly, I doubt the man is even interested in political life. But wouldn't it be something if Calgary could actually be run more as a business and less as a Gong Show?

  2. Valerie,

    Brett is happy being a TV star and I believe still involved with one of my favourite people, Sarah McLachlan.

    She will get loads of media with the upcoming revival of the Lilith Fair.

    Do we know who Lilith was?

  3. Back in 1974, there was a national “Lilith Festival”. Lilith was thought to have been very intelligent (thus the representation of the snake) and aware of her world. She would not submit to Adam and became, at that time, an inspiration to the feminists trying to grasp control of their own lives. I sponsored the “Lilith Festival” in Hope, B.C. back in 1974 and had various speakers giving talks, audios and visuals, regarding subjects as: Women And The Law, Women’s Health, Women’s Finances, etc. I’m glad to see that there’s another revival, although musical, and being led by one of my favourites also, Sarah Mclachlan. (I didn’t know she was connected to Bret Wilson… a great choice on both their parts.)

    Back to civic elections, I heard a tit-bit on AM770’s news that Paul Hughes (?), leader of CLUCK is going to run as Mayor. His group had some of their chickens out in Kensington yesterday. A few of them (the chickens, silly!) were in cages and some were pecking away at bugs on the streets. One would think his platform would include a chicken in every yard (a common recession theme) but he’s going with a platform of free city sports facilities for kids 12 and under.

  4. Valerie,

    We seem to agree on a lot of things.

    I participated in the Lilith Fair a few years ago in Calgary.

    Great to know someone who understands who Lilith is.

  5. Valerie,

    I found this on Lilith,

    Lilith is believed to have originated as a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 4000 BC. The phonetic name "Lilith" is traditionally thought to have originated in Ancient Israel somewhere around 700 BC, despite post-dating even to the time of Moses.[1] Lilith was adopted by Ancient Hebrew culture: she appears as a night demon in Jewish lore and as a screech owl in Isaiah 34:14 in the King James version of the Bible. In later folklore, "Lilith" is the name for Adam's first wife. Her story was greatly developed, during the middle-ages, in the tradition of Aggadic midrashim, the Zohar and Jewish mysticism.

  6. Men have eternally been quick to dismiss their ex-wives as whores and demons. Had Lilith been quiet and subservient she would have been accepted historically. She was an intelligent equal; well rid of that lout, Adam. Look how he responded when G-d caught him with Eve in the garden “eating apples”… he blamed Eve!! Even Tiger Woods did better than that!

    Then there’s Mary from Magdala. Coming from a family of judges she would have been considered very intellectual and pious to be put forth as a wife for Jesus, himself from Hebrew royalty. Yet, she was classified a whore by some self-righteous , hetro-phobic Pope from the middle ages who could not stand that Jesus had a closer relationship with a woman than with the male apostles. To this day, she still carries that stigma… whore.

    Later on, women were burned at the stake for showing intelligence and called “witches” (the same demon-theory). Consequently, throughout the ages, women have been bred from “the bottom”. The quiet, submissive, less-intelligent were allowed to live, the others were not.

    And we wonder where all the women are when we have political elections?

  7. Valerie,

    Without making excuses for men, God only gave us enough blood to operate one head at a time.

    Men need to come to the enlightenment, women are in charge. The smart women, still have the men convinced that they are in control.

    More women in politics, less conflict, less war, save for the Sarah Palins, Margaret Thatchers and Danielle Smiths of the world!

  8. It’s about equality. Lilith knew that.

  9. Valerie,

    It's always about respect and equality follows respect.