Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Good For The Goose!

In his Nov. 12th, 2009 Blog Darryl Raymaker writes;

“It is time for Michael Ignatieff and his new chief of staff Peter Donolo, to take the gloves off. The country needs energetic engagement on the political battlefield. Politics is a tough and bloody sport with little place for a genteel Marquis of Queensbury rule book. This is particularly so when one’s opponent has no intention of engaging in the contest pursuant to any kind of a rule book.

Its time to fight and fight back – on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets, and in the hills,* not to mention the church basements, small town hockey arenas, barbecues, hockey tournaments, and anywhere else we do politics in this great country. It is time for some realpolitik! And there is not one moment to lose! (*with all due credit and apologies to the great Winston S. Churchill).

But in response to my similar call to arms for David Swann and the Alberta Liberal Party, I get the following response;

Alberta Liberal strategist admits: 'We're irrelevant'
By Jason Fekete, Calgary Herald - October 22nd, 2009

But Darryl Raymaker, who's co-chaired the party's last two general election campaigns, said he doesn't agree "one iota" with Lovett's analysis.

"Nobody could ever challenge (Swann's) qualifications to handle that job," Raymaker said. "He has shown that he is up on the issues."

I absolutely agree with his analysis of the federal scene but provincially it seems Darryl and I are in the same boat, oars in the water but rowing in opposite directions. I have always admired Darryl and I believe it doesn't take much for the oars to be turned, after all the boat moves much better that way.

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