Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vaccine Anyone?

So, you think the H1N1 debacle in Alberta can’t get any worse?

After the Flames got caught with their pants down, the Stelmach Government took a lot of pucks to the head.

Predictably, a mid-level manager in the Health Services Department got fired. That’s right, kill the messenger not the message. Is there any truth to a sighting of Health Minister Ron Liepert checking out the price of body armour at a Calgary gun shop?

Now PC Party faithful are joining the chorus trying to protect Premier Stelmach from the back lash over the Swine Flu mess with the looming leadership vote.

No less than Tory Caucus “heavies”, Wayne Cao and Moe Amery claim Stelmach should not be sent to his room over this Health Care controversy.

Wow, that should make Fast Eddie sleep a lot sounder leading up to the Shootout at the Red Deer Corral.

On the other hand the Premier could still suffer a nightmare or two with former party big shot, Marv Moore lashing out at the boss and his Health Care policies. Moore was not only an ex-Health Minister, but also a major Tory campaign strategist and rural Godfather from Peace River.

He called the H1N1 situation a…”blunder.”

Liberal Leader David Swann came out swinging shoving a needle in the PC rump attacking the clear perception of scarce vaccines for the privileged and demanded that Liepert take a hike to the nearest hospital for an extended stay in the padded ward.

The opposition is finally waking up and learning that it’s good strategy to pile on the least popular Provincial Premier since the quarterback… the forgettable Don Getty.

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  1. The only good thing is that the vaccine has more casualties than the disease. When it comes to health, short cuts should not be taken.

    This whole debacle is a profit grab by some pharmaceutical giants, and that is the cornerstone that holds up the free enterprise system.

    Alberta likes free enterprise.

    We are just not very good at it. Too many short sighted people running the province. and not enough people that have a clue as to the big picture.

    Wonder when Eddie & Co. are going to announce our nuclear facility. Late fall of 2012 is the pencilled in date for the next provincial election, so the H1N1 survivors get to go to the polls, and our nuclear program is announced in the spring of 2013.

    Seasonal flu kills 2-3000 every year. H1N1 probably won't get anywhere near that. It was a good red herring to inflate profits.