Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Middle East Traveller

For those of you who ask what I am doing in the Middle East, let me give some current details.

I am sitting in the Muscat airport preparing to board a flight to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I have arranged a few days of intense meetings and then back to Muscat Nov. 7th.

Then it's on to Khartoum in Sudan for official meetings arranged through HE Jamal El Sheikh A. Osman, the Sudanese Ambassador to Oman. I hope to meet with HE Dr. Awad Ahmed Al Jazz Minister of Energy and Mining Sudan. The meetings will discuss a number of issues related to our Omani company cooperating with oil & gas activities. We also have an interest in mining in Sudan.

After that I am planning a trip to Basrah in Iraq to further discussions related to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We believe Oman Energy Services LLC; our Omani company can assist Iraq with recovery.

This has delayed my return to Calgary until Nov. 28th.

See ya in time to start preparations for Christmas.

The Middle East Traveller

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