Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wake Up Canada - A View From Afar

Hello from The Sultanate of Oman

I have been watching as the Harper Government takes it's new found neo-Conservative, social-Conservative majority out for a test drive with the introduction in Parliament of the omnibus crime bill.  We are wading in  unemployment, markets in the toilet, Canadian dollar dropping and Harper shows us the crime bill.

Further to this, our international reputation has never been as weak as it is now in those parts of the world I frequent, the Middle East and South-East Asia.  Witness the world's re-action to the Harper  statement concerning the Palestinian issue at the last G8 meeting.  It's as if Bush is still in power in the US and our Government is trying to see how far up their butt they can stick their head.

For the record, Canada is in a 30 year plus decrease in violent crime.  Never mind that the folly of this initiative has been a colossal failure in the US and other right minded countries.

After Harper tells us how afraid of ourselves we should be and gives us the crime bill to make us feel secure tightly locked in our homes he will march out the next neo-Conservative, social-Conservative item on his agenda, either giving back the guns by removing the gun registry or taking away political opposition voices by stopping the funding of Opposition Parties in Parliament.

Nothing will phase Harper and his toadies, John Baird and Jason Kenney.  Yes it's the religious and political hypocrites with the influence on their master.  Moderates such as Peter MacKay are told to sit in the back of the room, keep quite and vote for and when they are advised to do so.

Lest we forget, Harper and his henchmen were the authors of the infamous Alberta firewall letter of 2001, see the link  The letter was a bid to build a neo-Conservative wall around Alberta, he now feels he has the tools to do this to Canada.

More to come.



  1. The answer of course was to have Iggy (who did a great job of decimating the Libs...Thanks!) be the face of Canada. Harper is doing fine. It's about time the young offenders and gangs be put under the microscope. Why stop it? Makes no sense.

  2. Harper does not represent a "politically correct focussed Canada". More and more Canadians are upset with the government catering to and cow-towing to a dictatorship of minorities. For many, this is the country that they were born to, and while they are willing to welcome those who want to assimilate and add to the Canadian fabric, they are not so tolerant of those who want to transform Canada to become the countries which they left.

    The Liberals and the NDP tried to posture that the Liberal view was what Canadians wanted ... the only poll that counts was the polling booth, and the Liberal rhetoric was rejected.

    You are in a tough position where you work because Islam is not favored by the Harper government, so that Canada is not held in high regard is not surprising in the Islamic communities of the middle east and south-east Asia. They do not matter as they have nothing to offer which will aid the Canadian economic conditions.

    He has a few years to show a direction, and after this crime bill, we are likely to see the death penalty reintroduced and maybe even done so with a national referendum as precursor.

    Canada is changing, and more than one group want Canada for Canadians [including immigrants who want to be a legitimate part of the country].

    Of course that is just my opinion, but I do talk with people from the Rock to Vancouver Island.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear, but honest nonetheless.


  3. The young offenders, gangs, Olson, Bernardo, what about the omnibus bill, have you read the bill? Harper is doing fine and we sink in economic free-fall, can you send me whatever it is you are smoking?

  4. Tedde, you are always welcome to your opinion as myopic as I may feel it is, free country, free speech, unless you oppose Harper of course.