Monday, September 26, 2011

Gary Mar and I agree on no fall election

As I blogged earlier and now it appears substantiated by the Mar Campaign, there will not be a fall election in Alberta.

Furthermore, if Gary is able to set the 120 day agenda outlined in this release, he will speak to Albertans in a language that Albertans understand and have been looking for from the opposition parties in this Province.

I have been saying long and loud since October 2009, when I attempted to get the Alberta Liberal Party to move to the Centre; If you speak to Albertans about the issues that Albertans want to discuss you will have their attention and their vote.

Albertans, rural or urban, all economic classes, male or female all want the same things; A well-functioning, accessible public health care system, accessible education at high standards to make Albertans competitive globally, security of the home.  These are common values we all share in Alberta. They make us moderate, caring, accepting people.

Mar seems to have captured.that sense and along with the majority of Albertans, I trust he will deliver the promise.

I am  optimistic as always, but watching with the reality of having been in politics way to long.

First step, October 2nd, 2011.

If we believe in the plan we need to get Mar elected!


  1. Since I happen to believe that we need a change in the political party ruling Alberta [--too many skeletons in closets, too much in-breeding, and too many under-the-table deals--], Gary Mar is the best choice to achieve that. I talked with some professors at the U of A, and they take the numbers a lot further than I did.

    It seems that 70% of the province is actually in the Right-Center, Right-Center to Right, and Extreme Right. Saskatchewan and British Columbia get the socialist leaning parties, and Alberta gets the Right.

    Gary Mar will lead a government like Kim Campbell did on the federal stage, and it will likely be the Wild Rose that replace the Tories.

    Liberals, NDP, Tories, and the Alberta Party will fight it out for about 30% of the vote. Many in the agricultural sector view Mar as a C.I.N.O.. First I heard the categorization, it means Conservative In Name Only.

    Every election in the last 20 years in Alberta, the Liberals and NDP have been trying to sell their view of what should be. They never talk to and listen to the people who will be voting.

    Ancient history, but Loughheed took down the Socreds because they were not listening to the people. The only one meeting with people is Danielle, and she is starting to say what the people have been saying to her. The Tories stopped listening to the people with Stelmach who apparently was also a CINO which explains why he gets out so fast.

    I hope that Mr. Mar succeeds in his leadership bid...Alberta needs a change in the ruling party.

    Just my opinion!

  2. Thank you for your comments as always, but it seems you are viewing Widerose as a fait accompli.

  3. I am not sure that they are "une Fait Accompli", but they are the only party since Loughheed's Tories that is sitting down and talking WITH Albertans rather than AT Albertans.

    Dave Taylor could make things interesting with the Alberta Party if he got his party to do the same though it is likely to move them way Right of where they are now on the political spectrum.

    Met Danielle in Taber and saw her again in Cardston...last time that happened was Peter Loughheed.

    Tories from Stelmach time in the Ivory Palace do not talk with anyone, and that was not Mar's forte then or now. Are the Wild Rose going to win the election ... it would be good on many levels. Social programs are likely to move backward, but that might be a good thing too.

    Gary Mar is a step to changing the ruling party, but that is not to say that the other two are not the same step. For all his idiosyncracies, Klein actually talked to the people.

    The Alberta party can probably jump over the Tories, NDP. and Liberals if they get off their butts and talk to Albertans. Maybe they form the next government?

    Go Alberta!