Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Federal Politics - Conservatives Take 6 Point Lead

Thank heaven it is the beginning of the summer doldrums or we may have to take the polling data more serious.

However, with all of the negative news for the Harper Conservatives it appears that the Ignatieff Liberals cannot take advantage.

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  1. Can anyone really expect anything different? There is no commitment to win by the federal Liberals. They are content with sitting on the opposition benches.

    Winning takes effort by the leader and all the candidates, a viable plan that the party workers can unite behind, and a leader that has made the jump to be committed to winning and forming the government.

    Unfortunately, summer is not an excuse because there is no valid evidence that anything will be different in the fall. The only evidence is that the Liberals will slide backwards--laziness has its own rewards.

    One man's opinion!

  2. They need to get focused to win!

  3. I hope that Libby Davies gets a big cheque from Harper--she has diffused the criticism of his shortcomings.

    If you look at what Ignatief has done as leader, is it any wonder that Harper truly wanted him leading the Liberals. It would seem that the only chance Harper has of forming a majority Conservative government is with Ignatief leading the Liberals.

    One man's opinion!!

  4. Missed what Libby did from Jolly Old, some info please.