Saturday, February 6, 2010

CBC The House Discusses Alberta Politics

A challenge to all the young Libs who called me this week to comment on positions I've taken in the past few months.

This is worth listening to;

CBC The House Goes to Alberta

Is the CBC wrong?

Am I wrong?

I welcome your comments.


  1. I listened to The House with interest and heard myriad opportunities for Liberals to put a lock on the centrist position where Peter Lougheed states Albertans want to live and thrive.

    Let's not let Klein take all the blame for the woes of our current government. AND ... let's remember that Lougheed stated clearly that constituencies that wanted any attention would have to elect a PC MLA. Was Peter Lougheed the architect of the current anti-democratic 'ruling rather than governing' attitude? Agreed, he was a more benevolent ruler!

    I am looking forward to the influence of Finance Minister, Ted Morton, on the 'centrist' positions of the PCs.

    Is the recent decision re the minimum wage for working Albertans a reflection of a 'centrist' position? Is arbitrary support for business on the backs of entry level employees a position that respects our culture of caring and our commitment to the greater good? Who can live on $8.80/hr in Alberta? Many are trying.

    Albertans NEED a strong liberal influence and a return to a democratic balance.

  2. There is no doubt at all that most Albertans are in the Center. The problem for the Liberals is that they cannot simply claim to be in the center, they have to prove it with the positions that they take on issues, something they had yet to do prior to this Energy Policy, Wich I must say is far better than we had before. Another reality that cannot be ignored is that for the time being, it would appear the WRA has been able to position itself as a centrist alternative, and unless that position is undermined somehow, they will continue to have the upper hand. Its good to see the Liberals beginning to move in something that resembles the right direction, but it is going to require something much more agressive if there is to be any hope of establishing ourselves as credible alternative.

  3. I am always impressed when people get it!

    Not only get it but put it so succinctly.

    I trust there are more of you out there.

    That would create a hope for Liberal recovery.

  4. Donn,

    That podcast is the most wonderful vindication I could have hoped for. To hear those words from Peter Lougheed was cathartic.

    My partner and I had been ALP supporters since 2000. We worked on Laurie's executive and volunteered when we could. Although we wanted the party to succeed, we found the organization to be highly dysfunctional.

    I remember going to the ALP election camp. It was a good event except for the paranoid party drone that accused us of being PC infiltrators. And then a few weeks later, at an executive meeting, we heard how Anthony Henday drive was a PC plot to kill Edmonton by making the traffic "go around it".

    Regardless, Donn, we tried to help where we could. My last act (offer) of help to the ALP was my personal best. The disasterous 2008 election was a clear signal that drastic action was required to save the party. I came up with the idea for "Alberta Centrists". Only three days after the election I registered the webnames '', '', and ''. At the same time, I received permission from the electoral commissioner to use the name for the party.

    I sent off an email to Kevin Taft and Laurie B. I told them they could have it all gratis, as long as we put it to the membership and looked at renewal. Kevin didn't respond. Laurie sent back a one sentence email, devoid of 'thanks for the offer or help', to say that I should take it up with the president. The Pres was just as useless.

    When David Swann announced his run for the leadership, I made him the same offer. Dr.Swann was at least cordial and talked about the concept. You'll noticed he has talked 'centrism' ever since. But as with all other things good and promising in the ALP, it was ignored in favour of their beloved status quo.

    It's important to note that it wasn't just webnames and permissions to use the name. I detailed a strategy to use the name to marginalize the left and right. I explained in detail why it was a good idea. I explained why it would not detract from liberal principles. The policy development would be intrinsically derived from statements of principle....much like the idea Renew has 'aquired'.

    If anyone from the media is interested in seeing the correspondence from March 2008- and on, I can be contacted at

  5. I think you and I are on the same page, I heard the same thing from Lougheed.

    It also sounds like you have experienced the same frustration trying to assist this Party.

    I am off to the Middle East February 10th, back in Calgary give or take March 28th.

    Maybe coffee in Edmonton after I get back?