Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Canada/US Perspective

Here is a Canada/US perspective you won’t see every day.


For years we have complained that the majority of Americans don't know nearly enough about Canada. While I suspect this will still be true after the Olympic games, this piece (see link below) by Tom Brokaw on NBC puts our relationship in perspective.

The images are beautiful, the writing is outstanding and the feeling you are left with is uplifting.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Thank you for thinking about me. I actually have been sharing that YouTube video with many American friends.

    The folks down in Texas were surprised that the USA imports as much oil as it does from Canada. It does not jive with the fear tactics after 9/11 which was a world tragedy.

    The folks in the Southeast part of the USA did not realize how expansive the border is between the two countries, and like the folks in Texas, it did not jive with the post 9/11 fear tactics.

    All the terrorists for that fateful day entered the United States through La Guardia. They came into the United States on valid visas.

    What had always made Canada and the United States unique in the world was the 4000 mile unguarded border of two nations that respected each other's sovereignty. We were children of the same mother: North America. We have more in common than we have in differences.

    In the post 9/11 realities, we need to start rebuilding the friendship between two nations that are nothing less than family.

    Thanks again.

  2. Heart rendering, isn’t it?

    Female Hockey gold medal in just 30 minutes! Go girls!!

  3. Bloody marvelous result, Canada Gold in Women's Hockey, Yeah!

  4. Interesting how the Americans have figured it out. One day Canadians will wakeup to the fact that being proud of your country first and sharing it with the world, is not pompous,arrogant or boastful but simply pride in your country. Something Canadians are hesitant to celebrate unless its an Olympic event or at Remembrance Day once a year.
    That's a real nice piece, one much overdue.
    Beats the previous Canada/US squabbling that went on when our Feds were of a different stripe doesn't it?