Friday, December 25, 2009

Alberta Liberal Party Resignation - December 21st, 2009

Mr. Tony Sansotta,

Please accept my resignation from any and all involvement in Alberta Liberal Party Organization.

As we discussed since the Calgary-Glenmore By-election, I have offered my time and considerable expertise to assist with the organization and development of the constituencies. To that end I have attached a number of documents which will help to understand my position.

1. My letter to Kevin Taft dated June 14th, 2005, updated in red for today's purposes. I could write the same letter today with simple modifications to the Leader's name. The point is, I have tried to assist this Party for years with little or no response.

2. Having been frustrated by the Leader, I designed a programme for the Party in 2007 including costs to organize and run a successful campaign.

3. On October 6th, 2009 I met with the Party to offer my services to organize the constituencies.

4. On October 11th I received an email from Dr. Swann requesting my participation in organization.

5. On October 21st I made comments related to the current status of the various provincial parties in Alberta. That was picked up in the Calgary Herald October 22nd.

6. The database spreadsheet was designed November 17th and sent to the Party for basic information in order for me to start the constituency organization.

7. When you and I met November 29th you requested again that I be involved in organization.

Within the past few weeks I have been able to determine from various sources that you have blocked my access to the information requested on the spreadsheet. You have not had the decency to advise me directly.

Therefore, I consider myself persona non gratis within the ALP and regretfully tender my resignation from my involvement.

Over the next few days I will consider my membership in the Alberta Liberal Party.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donn Lovett


  1. Lovett thinks him resigning from the ALP will generate the same interest and pickup that Ken Chapman's withdrawal from the PC party did.

    May be Sansotta didn't want to give him the information because, say, Donn couldn't be trusted? May be his "resignation" threat was used one too many times?

    And really what's Donn's record aside from Craig Cheffins' by-election win in 2007?

  2. Typically in Alberta Liberal politics, we shoot the messenger.

    Let me respond by listing my contribution to the ALP over the years simply to let you know that this is not a recent frustration.

    1986 - Campaign Manager, Sheldon Chumir, Calgary Buffalo

    1989 - Campaign Manager, Sheldon Chumir, Calgary Buffalo

    1992 - Campaign Manager, Gary Dickson, Calgary Buffalo

    1993 - Campaign Manager, Gary Dickson, Calgary Buffalo

    1997 - Campaign Manager, Dr. Harold Swanson, Calgary Elbow

    2004 – Campaign Manager, Dave Taylor, Calgary Currie

    2007 – Campaign Manager, Craig Cheffins, Calgary Elbow

    2009 – Campaign Manager, Avalon Roberts, Calgary Glenmore

    I managed 6 winning campaigns for Calgary candidates and came very close to defeating the Premier in 1997 with a very successful 7th campaign.

    This does not account for my federal campaigns for Bob Blair (’93), Joe Clark (’00) and Cathy McClusky (’04).

  3. Also, let me add that I always find it interesting that attacks come from someone named "Anonymous".

    Is it safe sitting out there behind the name?