Thursday, October 22, 2009

Socreds By Any Other Name

Preston Manning says the Stelmach Government could be toppled in the next election. That’s a shot for his late father, Ernest Manning, whose 38 year Social Credit dynasty was ended by Peter Lougheed and the Tories in ’71.

Then we had the 38 year Tory dynasty. Social Credit (Wildrose Alliance, Reform, Alliance, whatever) want their place back in the Pantheon of Alberta Politics.

Don Braid called Smith an “enthusiastic and convincing speaker” and Stelmach “worst speaker and public communicator in a major political job in Canada”.

Ex MLAs Ernie Isley and Lyle Oberg have publicly jumped on the dump Stelmach band wagon. There goes Rural and Northern Alberta down the drain, and to the right.

Will Stelmach get the same support from his party that Smith got from her party come November, not a chance!

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