Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Holy PC Trilogy Speaks

We had the right timing but the wrong politician when we told you on the last blog..." It's been a bad couple of weeks for Fast Eddie Stelmach and it looks like the next few won't be any better”. It’s Michael Ignatieff that is a dead man walking with the latest Ipsos Reid poll showing he and his fellow Federal Libs at just 25% support among Canadians. That's LESS than former leader Stephane Dion and the lowest showing since 1867...Confederation !!!!

After dithering and then appearing to back down from his threat to force a general election during the month of October, Ignatieff continues to dance the Ottawa two step on this critical issue. Since the late summer he has managed to lose support among voters and gave the Conservatives a big lead in Ontario. The poll suggests Harper would win more seats in Canada's biggest province and is close to pulling out a majority government. On the bright side Mikey has no where to go but up.

As for the Gentleman Politician-Farmer from Northern Alberta, none other than former Stelmach rival Jim Dinning publicly endorsed the Premier and told party members..."Don't you dare"...give him a spanking at the November leadership review. Jimbo's logic is that Fast Eddie won the largest electoral majority in the Free World...70 of 83 seats...and dissing the leader would harm the party and the Government as it deals with substantial economic and social issues. Well Jimmy, maybe the leader shares some blame for these issues taking the province down a black hole...do ya think? Also, Jim one has to wonder what interest you may have in the passing of Bill 50 creating unusual bedfellows always has an ulterior motive, hmmmmmmmm.

Dinning was joined by the former God of Alberta...sorry...former Premier Peter Lougheed who also voiced his strong support.. Apparently, Ted Morton the other ex-leadership candidate will complete the trilogy by joining the Stelmach chorus later this week. The Father, the Son and the Oh My God.

Jim's parting advice to Stelmach is to deliver this simple message to rebel party members..."It's time for hardball politics"...

That's a suggestion that should also become the mantra of Alberta Liberals if they want any chance to chop down the mighty PC oak.

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