Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Personal Swearing-in Ceremony, October 19th, 2013

As I read about the swearing-in of the new City Councilors I am reminded of my personal swearing ceremony which I experienced on 4th Street SW during a lovely Saturday while enjoying the 4th Street BRZ Block Party.

It was a beautiful afternoon on October 19th; I was spending the day with my grandson, family and friends and took the opportunity to walk 4th Street, closed down for the Block Party.

We were walking north on 4th just passing 22nd Avenue, where we live, when I was passed by the then candidate for Ward 8, Evan Woolley, now the newly elected Councilor for Ward 8 having been sworn in last Monday.

Mr. Woolley knew I was a John Mar supporter, having worked closely with John on the flood recovery. He approached from behind and when he passed and recognized me he turned with an obvious rage in demeanor and voice and shouted, "Lovett, you f*#king piece of s*#t, you better hope I win or else!"

To say the least, I was taken aback. Hardly the expected behavior of a person seeking elected office to use such expletives and in such a public venue, we were shocked.

I requested an apology immediately and having not received said apology I feel the need to publicize the behavior because we should not be subject to this for any reason. Furthermore, I am a resident in Ward 8 and have been since moving to Calgary in 1982. I am 64 years of age and would not allow my children to behave like that.

I am still waiting for an apology, now it needs to be public.

The always patient Donn Lovett (403 402 8332. in case Mr. Woolley has forgotten how to contact me.

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