Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Premier Redford - Say 'Sayonara' to Stephen

There are lingering stress points between Premier Alison Redford and Mayor Naheed Nenshi, given that Nenshi openly endorsed Wildrose policies during the recent provincial election, suggesting that a Wildrose Government would be better for so-called big cities.

Alison is a practical forgiving person and I am quite sure she will not allow these past indiscretions to cloud her future discussions with Mayor Nenshi.

However, Nenshi could speed up the healing process by offering Redford a piece of very sound advice.  It would go something like this; Thank Stephen Carter for his efforts to date, pay him for his services and part company.  He can remind her that he took similar action after the Mayor's Campaign was over and therefore was not saddled with the infamous ego of the always "ready-to-tweet" Carter.

There is ample evidence that should dictate the Premier heed the advice.

First, Carter was all over the media following Redford's leadership victory, claiming to be the mastermind and taking the stage away from Alison.  This was followed by Carter's personal attack on Linda Sloan and the AUMA via Carter's favourite tool, the tweet.  This caused embarrassment for the Premier and took her off message.  Finally, the disastrous start to the Provincial Campaign and clear rationale to take the Mayor's advice should he offer same.

Alison, you do not need to be looking over your shoulder wondering when Carter's ego will display itself once again and take you away from what you need to do in the coming weeks and months.

Remember, you heard it here first, or perhaps not!

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  1. Funny thing about Carter. Mere weeks before he was plucked from the ranks of the WRP for a second time, he was boasting about his goal of destroying the Alberta PCs to a colleague who's a long time organizer for the Alberta PCs.

    Carter changes his stripes depending on who's signing the cheque. $300,000/year is a little too much to pay for his ego.

    Oh, and Carter will claim victory in his name when anyone who knows anything understands that it was the Hunsperger/Leech 'revelations' and Dani's inability to censure them that did in the WRP. Oh, and the story had legs for 72 hours BEFORE Carter tried to claim that it was info that was dug up at HIS insistence. NOT!

    Carter - a hired gun with no ammo