Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alberta Political Landscape Has Changed

In my most recent comment on Alberta politics I said the following;

The Alberta Party needs to dramatically increase their efforts if they hope to make an impact on the Alberta Political scene. If they do hope to be a credible alternative they will have to plan for the next election, not the upcoming one. The caveat here is the Nenshi Campaign for Mayor in Calgary. Can the Alberta Party create the enthusiasm that was created for Nenshi and make a remarkable surge? And so it goes….

Well it appears they have dramatically increased their efforts.

The acquisition of Dave Taylor is a tremendous boost to the new kids on the block, now they need the "Nenshi Effect" and no telling what can happen.

In the last few days during intense negotiations in support of Taylor's move I became invigorated, felt like a kid again back in the 60's, I hope it lasts.

For the record, I am a Dave Taylor supporter, I know him, I trust him and I will help him as he requires.

I trust all of this will lead to a change in Alberta politics, God knows we all need and deserve it.

To the stars and beyond!


  1. Don, you know as well as I do that Dave had no choice but to go to the Alberta Party. Independents have an absolutely horrendous problem getting elected. Besides what other party has an open leader's position?

    I'm posting as anonymous because that seems the best way to get through from China.


  2. I trust Dave will leave the Leader's position to another, get on with the development of the necessary policy.

  3. Hi Donn

    Interesting times. So are you with the Alberta Party now?

  4. Interesting times! So Donn are you with the Alberta Party now?


  5. I am with the Sultan of Oman.

    Living in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, back in Calgary February 14th, 2011, lots to examine, my dance card is full.