Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello from Oman,

Wickedly busy here. Contracts being signed we have negotiated for months.

Today I am in Baku, Azerbaijan to meet with the State Oil Company, SOCAR and Saturday off to Almaty, Kazakhstan to meet with their State Oil Company.

All good news.

I return to Oman June 5th, then off to London, UK, June 10th.

Meet Nora in London returning to Canada June 29th, stopping at the family cottage north of Toronto and in Calgary July 10th, Whew!

In London I will meet with Chris Fox, June 14th at #4 Cowley Street, London. Chris is the Chief Executive for the Liberal Democrats. I have one hour with him thanks to a mutual friend, John Passmore.

June 17th it's tails and a top hat and the Gold Cup at Ascot, 2 boxes from HM the Queen. The Chief of Staff for the new PM, Cameron will be with us. Thanks to Art Millholland.

You can kiss my political ring when I return.

Anything you want me to say to these guys?

1 comment:

  1. So you are off to Ascot to meet the Lib Dems.What advice should you give them.
    Tell them to bet on more than one horse.

    All the best Donn