Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hehr for Mayor Campaign leads in Voting

Hehr for Mayor attracted the largest number of total votes and garnered the highest number of Yes votes (62%) of all of the candidates examined on this Blog.

Any comments from the public?


  1. Kent would make a great mayor. Is he actually thinking of running?

  2. Pray tell me, why in heck would the Liberals toss away a perfectly good MLA, in order to chase the mayoralty, and let the Wild Rose get their leader installed in Buffalo? And do it right after another of their Calgary members bolts to sit as an Independent? What are you guys thinking?

  3. Anonymous,

    I need to get some of the cigarettes you're smoking, they seem to make great pictures.

  4. Kent would a great mayor. The only bad/sad part would be that he would not longer be our MLA.

    What would happen in Calgary Buffalo???

  5. Kent Hehr says: Council is broken. For better or for worse, council has become dysfunctional.
    Bruce Cameron of Return on Insight found: Fifty-eight per cent of Calgarians believe council has done a good job, the same number as for Bronco. And that council approval number has been rising.
    Somebody doesn't know what is going on here. Guess who that would be? But then again, The Sun columnist obviously thinks council is broken, so maybe that was the strategy?

  6. Anonymous,

    Are you supporting Hehr for Mayor?

    Do you have another suggestion for Mayor?

  7. Interesting. I posted a comment here months ago and it was never approved. So why I am I wasting my time posting more comments, I wonder?

  8. Sorry, I never restrict a comment, cannot explain, keep it coming,